Warrington car respray

Full car resprays

Full car resprays can be carried out at our body shop where we remove your current paint prepare you car body fill, undercoat and respray to the cars original colour, a new colour of your choice or one of our advanced custom paint finishes.

Custom respray

Using our custom respray service allows your car paint can be finished with a unique one of a kind spray with multiple paint finishes including pearlescent, matt, two pack, two tone and gloss.

Bumper respray

Bumpers are often the subject of damage ranging from minor scratches and stone chips caused by everyday driving to more serious damage such as cracks dents or splits. Most bumper damage can be repaired without removing the bumper but for more serious damage its necessary to remove the bumper from the car to return it to its original shape before sanding filling and then the respray.


  • High quality finish
  • Cost effective
  • Custom paint finishes
  • ATA accredited repair technicians
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free colour matching